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Idaho North Resources is a U.S. based junior company exploring for gold, silver, and base metals in Nevada. The Company has long-term lease options on the Eagleville gold/silver project south of Fallon, Nevada and the Klondike and Divide silver/gold projects near Tonopah, Nevada.  Idaho North Resources is listed on the OTCQB under the symbol IDAH.
Contact: Mark A. Fralich - Cell 503 313-2586 - Office 509 928-7604
Disclaimer:  Our website contains information about publicly traded mining companies and mining properties on which we have no rights to exploration or to mine.  We advise U.S. investors that the SEC's mining guidelines prohibits information of this type in documents filed with the SEC.  Investors are cautioned that mineral on other surrounding properties are not necessarily indicative of mineral deposits on our property.  Idaho North Resources, is a non-publicly traded company, incorporated in the State of Idaho.
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Idaho North Resources Announces Private Placement and Central Nevada Exploration Alliance with Coeur Mining Thursday, March 13th
Idaho North Resources (IDAH) (“INR” or “the Company”) today announced the completion of a private placement and the signing of a letter of intent to enter into an exploration alliance with Coeur Mining Inc. (CDE). Continue reading